We love what we do and understand why we do it.


Erickson Immigration Group’s mission is to enable people to realize their professional goals, anywhere in the world.

We do this by challenging the status quo, delivering beyond perfection, and treating each person as a VIP — because to us, they are.


We practice immigration with intention. As outlined in our Little Green Book: The Rules We Live By, nothing we do is by accident and everything we do is in service to our clients and foreign nationals. Since our founding, our goal has been to provide the best customer service and experience in the mobility industry. Period. Our standard is Perfect Plus, anything less would be like everyone else.

We know that the immigration process is complex and for foreign nationals and their families it is personal. At Erickson Immigration Group, we are committed to “uncomplicating the complicated.” As your business immigration law firm, we are your partner on the immigration and mobility journey. We successfully navigate the system, and we are quick about it! We can’t change the immigration process, but we can and do make every effort to make it a positive one.

We love what we do — working with smart, talented, and diverse people around the world. We believe the work we do is really important, and we know how we do it makes a difference in people’s lives. We are humbled to work with our clients and foreign nationals and we take the responsibility seriously. We treat each case as if it is our only, and earn your trust every day.