Meet the people who make it happen — every day, always. We’re immigrants, and first generation Americans. We speak 27 languages and counting! We’re mothers and fathers, grandparents, daughters, and sons. We’re volunteers, coaches, athletes, and community leaders.

We’re attorneys, paralegals, researchers, writers, case managers, engineers, creatives, data scientists. We’re a team with a purpose.

Our Leadership Team

Managing Director / Attorney

Managing Director / Attorney

Managing Director / Attorney, Client Relations

Managing Director / Attorney

Chief Financial Officer

Our attorneys

Ricardo Abend Van Dalen Staff Attorney
Sarah Elizabeth Amendola Associate Attorney
Christine Annand Managing Attorney
Nisma Baig Staff Attorney
Kainoa A. Bostock Staff Attorney
Woo Hyoung Cho Staff Attorney
Lauren Clarke Associate Attorney
Jeffrey DeCruz Senior Attorney
Tanner Duff Associate Attorney
Debora Flores Staff Attorney
Tamara T. Guillen Associate Attorney
Sachiko Hanamura Associate Attorney
Stephanie Howaniec Senior Attorney
Hillary Hyduke Staff Attorney
Melissa Jaffar Senior Attorney
Cassandra M. Jeffers Managing Attorney
Kimberly John Associate Attorney
Azizi Jones Associate Attorney
Jowanda Jones Managing Attorney
Benjamin Kia Associate Attorney
Yasser Killawi Managing Attorney
Krystal Kirst Associate Attorney
Daniel Klatzkow Associate Attorney, International Practice
Noreen Byrne Larkin Associate Attorney, International Practice
Keith Lee Associate Attorney
Zara Najam Senior Attorney, International Practice
Khiet Nguyen Senior Attorney
Tra Nguyen Attorney
Divya Patel Senior Attorney
Jeffrey R. Quilhot Managing Attorney
Maria V. Rolong Senior Attorney
Sonja Roque-Cruz Global Attorney, International Practice
Naïanka M. Rigaud Managing Attorney
Kristal Y. Sanchez Associate Attorney
Lynn-Samantha Severe Associate Attorney, International Practice
Simi Singh Associate Attorney
Ananth Tharoor Srinivasan Associate Attorney
Justin Storch Associate Attorney, International Practice
Lucy Twimasi Associate Attorney
Arjun Vedmurthy Staff Attorney
Tyler L. Vermillion Associate Attorney
Dora Wang Associate Attorney, International Practice